Welcome to the Arab Betting Club (ABC), an organisation founded a few years ago through the exclusive world of the Arab Billionaire Horse Racing Scene.
You Can Learn How We are Pulling in
Extra Cash 
From Horse Racing
Find Out How We WON and How YOU WILL WIN Too!

Before it became the ABC, the secret organisation was a nameless society of rich Arab stable owners. The connections they built up ensured the successful breeding of race winning thoroughbreds, and helped them to monopolise big horse racing events around the world. Through cooperation with their peers, they avoided too much direct competition with other stables and secured a share of the winners positions for all the top racing events.

I worked for one of these founding stable owners and quickly realised that although these billionaires were mostly only interested in the competitive nature of the sport (as they could not gamble themselves, and didn’t really need the money), there was actually a potential for other people to make money. My counterparts in other rich Arab families involved in horse racing are making million pounds each year from placing bets using this insider information.

How? Well, as mentioned above, through its origins, the ABC has connections with some of the most successful and rich breeders and stables in the world. Arabian horses are well known for their racing pedigree and often produce winners. The ABC has access to knowledge about which horses in which race have that pedigree and so are most likely to win. We also know why some horses and jockeys who have been touted as favourites don’t seem to perform to expectation on the day, causing the majority of punters to lose money they had thought was a ‘sure bet’. It is reasonable to assume that maybe they had been incentivised not too win. But then who do you think could have such deep pockets?!

In order for the ABC to maintain its connections with the Arab world and not bend the rules of our brothers too far we had decided to stop using our insider information to gamble directly ourselves last year. But after making a lot of money through this and also not wanting the ABC we had built up over the years to just be forgotten, we have opened the club to outside members and the general public.

If you are accepted as a member of the ABC, you will instantly be entering into the limitless world of Sheikhs, thoroughbreds.

Our sources go beyond the well-known Arab stables and include our previous partners that have once done business with our stable owners, which is almost everyone; be it trainers, bookies, jockeys, race tracks owners, and even the English royal family.

So, you want in! What next? Well, its as easy as ABC… In order to pay some of our sources in the stables who are closer to the owners inner circle as well, we have to apply a membership fee to our club, but that’s it, you keep 100% of all your winnings!!

With these tips you WILL EASILY WIN!

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Stay in seven-star hotels

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What They Say...

But what if I have absolutely no clue on how to get started?

DON’T WORRY! This method is absolutely easy to follow even if you’re completely new to betting! Anyone can make money from this service. The tips are clear and precise. Betting platforms are nothing complicated! No experience required!

Simple steps:

Get The Arab Betting Club Access for ONLY £126.99 £26.99!

Limited Space Available!
No Recurring Charges! This is a One-Time Only Fee!
Discount Ending Soon!

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Our organization is working with trusted internet retailer ClickBank for your peace of mind. So when you sign up today, your one-time purchase will be protected by a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Get The Arab Betting Club Access for ONLY £126.99 £26.99!

Limited Space Available!
No Recurring Charges! This is a One-Time Only Fee!
Discount Ending Soon!


Q. How will I receive my daily tips?
A. Tips will be emailed to your inbox each morning.

Q. Am I guaranteed to win with these tips?
A. Betting will always be a game of luck and so sometimes your horse will lose. However, with my tips your chances of winning will drastically improve as I have a lifetime of insider knowledge as well as industry contacts. 

Q. How many bets should I place per day?
A. In order to make the most money you should place at least two bets per day. However, you are free to place more or less depending on how much you want to win and how much you’re comfortable spending.

Q. How can I get in contact with you if I have any further questions?
A. You can get in contact with our dedicated customer service teams at support@arabbettingclub.com and they will get back to you as quickly as possible with a clear and concise response.

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